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Summer Worship

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July 18th service is available on YouTube at: 


Sculpture Garden Dedication: https://youtu.be/alOJhCI-Dyw

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 Women's Clothing Resale

We are accepting donations of quality women's clothing and accessories for this specialty fundraiser. Bring in your gently used clothes, jewelry, purses, coats, shoes, belts...

And save the sale dates (July 15 from 4-7 p.m., July 16 from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.) if you are in the market for some new to you items!

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COVID Policy Update

At its meeting Sunday, May 23rd, the session of the Waterville church updated our Covid policies.  We have been guided by two primary benchmarks in determining our policies:

1.    Taking every reasonable measure to protect the health of our members.

2. Following CDC and government guidelines based on the best scientific information we have at the moment.

Currently, the best information we have from science is that vaccinated people are not likely to get Covid.  IF they do, they do not shed enough of the virus to infect other people.  Based on this information, the CDC and government offices are relaxing pandemic restrictions. Additionally, session took into consideration that our vaccination rate at the church is high – our best estimate is around 90%. 

Therefore, effective immediately, the church will no longer require masks and distancing for vaccinated people indoors or outdoors on the church property.  We will no longer take temperature checks.  All doors to the property will be open on Sunday mornings.  For the summer we will continue to conduct a shortened service with minimal singing.  We will re-evaluate this in the fall. (Singing still is considered an elevated risk.)

To protect the health of unvaccinated people, including children under the age of 12 who are not yet eligible for the vaccine, and people with medical conditions or personal reasons that prohibit vaccination, session also:

· Recommends unvaccinated people still wear masks and distance.

· Will offer parents of unvaccinated children the option of having their children go straight to the CE wing with vaccinated teachers, so they are not exposed to unvaccinated adults in the sanctuary.  Parents are free to decide what they would like their children to do.

· Recommends anyone who has reason to mask and distance do so.  Reasons could include having cancer, autoimmune diseases, unvaccinated children, high-risk loved ones they need to protect, asthma sufferers who find masks help alleviate their symptoms… There are many reasons people might need to or choose to wear masks and distance.  We want to be hospitable to people’s personal decisions.

· Asks that everyone respect that someone who is wearing a mask might not want us to invade their space, so we will respect social distancing unless invited closer by someone wearing a mask.

· Asks that anyone who does not feel well, not worship in person in the building.

· Asks that unvaccinated people who have been exposed to COVID not worship in person in the building.

We will continue to provide virtual (online) worship via YouTube for those who wish to join us from home. If you have questions about these policies please ask session members or Pastor Karen.