New Baptismal Font

◦ About a year or so ago, LouAnn approached me with the idea of creating a baptismal font, joining her skills in glass forming with mine in metal working. She planned to create a series of vessels in colors that matched church seasons and wanted me to create a base for them. Her first vessel was a flowing blue with rippling edges, simulating the water of baptism. I immediately sketched out a rough draft of a stand that, with very few changes, became the reality. ◦ After the sketch was completed I thought about why, of all possible forms, I chose the one I sketched: a circular base on the floor with six upright supports and another circular base to hold the vessel. I felt the cir

Young Minds

I came to the program in need of tutoring hours for the National Honor Society. I soon realized that this program was more than just getting some hours. It was truly going to help kids. My first tutor kid struggled in Math. Through hard work and dedication by both the student and myself, the student no longer needed to come to the program. All of his problems had been resolved, and his math grade was improving. Helping a child achieve was my biggest joy from the tutoring program. I soon became involved with another young man who was having trouble in some subjects, but really had a different issue entirely. He did not have work ethic and truly did not care about his grades. By the end of t

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