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New Sermon Series - "Following Jesus"

This fall we will be following Jesus and the disciples as the story is told in the book of Matthew.  

Many thinks to guest preacher Steve Wirzylo for a beautiful sermon this week. 

You will also hear this week a heartfelt prayer from Sandy.  It is worth noting two things:

1. Our prayers of confession have looked different since the pandemic started.  They have been folded into our opening prayer which every week acknowledges how good God is, as well as our brokenness and need for God to live better in this world.  Because the format is so different, they have not felt the same and perhaps not had the same impact.  

2. Sandy expresses her heartfelt concern that decisions the leadership of the Waterville church has made have caused hurt and harm.  It is a powerful prayer that reminds us that leadership decisions need to be made with humility and guided by God. 

 If your heart is troubled and you have questions and concerns about recent decisions, I hope you would talk with me (or other church leaders). Express your concerns.  Allow me (us) an opportunity to hear you.  And create a chance for us to explore them thoughtfully.

October 25th Worship is now available.  Click on the link below:


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 "When I Was Hungry and Thirsty" Jesus mini-sculptures can be ordered.  Cost is $45.00 (normal retail is $80.00).  If you are in a position to donate, something additional, it will help our church.  Please call Steve at the church office (419-878-2806) if you would like to order one (or more!) 

Fellowship Pods

During this time of pandemic, we are forming small-group "Fellowship Pods."   A pod is a group of four to eight people that meet weekly for Word-Share-Prayer and to send one another to serve.  They gather regularly for the common purpose of growing in personal relationship with God, with the people of God and with the work of God in the world. Pods deepen standing relationships, allow entry points for new people to join in, and enable pastoral care and growth in discipleship.  Some groups meet online via Zoom, while others meet in person following health guidelines (mask wearing, social distancing, etc.)  It is a great opportunity for us to discover how we can better "live out the hard moments" we find ourselves in.  Please contact us if you would be interested in joining!


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