We recently celebrated our 175th anniversary.  This is a church with roots in the early history of Ohio and the early spread of Christianity across the region.  


Our members have tried to figure out what it looks like to serve God in every age.  They have relentlessly visited the sick, sung in choirs, washed dishes, repaired roofs, buried the dead, and taught children. They shared the hope of Christ that each of us might see ourselves as people who can through the grace of God overcome personal trial, and make a difference in this world. 


In the old days people might be expelled for participating in acts such as drinking and card playing and profane language.  (Their ghosts may be haunting today's euchre tournaments.)  


At the same time, the encouragement and love provided by so many of the pastors and members of this church have given hope and heart to many. 


Today rather than expel each other we acknowledge the ways we each need help, we discuss rather than dictate, and we encourage each other on the journey of life.