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Karen VanderPloeg is our pastor.  She loves thinking together with people about what it looks like to serve God in this world. 


Sandy Martin leads the choir.  Working with a choir - most of whom can't read music - she manages to infuse her passion for quality sound into a ragtag group of musicians, who love nothing more than to make music together under her motivating and high hoping leadership.

Pam Martin is a gifted musician.  She has been at the church for 20 years, and whether at the piano or the organ is able to play anything, and to keep the music moving.  The ability to help people sing well is not given to everyone, but Pam has it in spades.  Her broad knowledge of church music adds depth to every service.


Deb Hill serves as custodian at the church.  She cares deeply about providing a space for the mission and ministry of the church to happen. Together with the Buildings and Grounds committee she cares for the place where worship, study and service happens.


Steve Wirzylo is our office secretary. He handles the day to day tasks of the church office.  He has spent many years in lay ministry and as an elder within the PCUSA.  You can find Steve in the office on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday between 9 A.M. and 1 P.M.

Gayle Rose brings many years of caring experience to our nursery. She loves our children and together with volunteers provides a safe environment for them.


Our members are our ministers.  They are full of heart and hope.  Their energy and spirit can only come from God, and they carry ministry out these doors in all that they do.

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