We are a lively community, who find meaning, purpose and joy in our life together.  We are:

Christ Centered – All we do is anchored by our worship of God who is revealed to us in Christ.  We receive love and grace through Christ, and we in turn share that love and grace.   Enlivening Faith describes our experience here as we see scripture come alive and shape us for life.

Mission Driven - We put our hands to work in the community – meeting need and building relationship. We have a mighty presence in our community.   

Participatory – Our tradition values partnership between clergy and lay leaders.  We do this in our study, business, and worship.  Sermons often include conversation among the congregation.  

Thinking -  we are all about Engaging Minds.  We learn and grow by listening to the Word of God and each other. If you are a thinking person, who likes to explore what it means to live with meaning, purpose and kindness in this world, this might be a home for you.

Hopeful – Although each of us face challenges in life, we believe that the God of love is always doing something new.  Part of our purpose is to support and encourage people in Transforming Lives – their own and those near and far.