We come to worship to be fed for life.  Here, we remember who we are - people who are loved and treasured, and who can live with meaning, purpose, and often joy, in this world.

We value tradition, but we are anchored in this world, and love the opportunity to think about how God's words carry weight for us today. 


Many of our services create space for participation from our members. We believe there is a strong connection between what we think and what we do.  So worship might include conversation responding to the message, or an anointing of hands, or a time of candle lighting for the prayers of the people.


We come from a long line of Presbyterians, and we learned a lot from them.  Our service begins with understanding that human beings are not God - we cannot be perfect.  We understand ourselves to be loved by a power that is greater than we can imagine, and offered mercy that we do not deserve so we can blossom into something new.  We hear the Word of God for our lives, and respond with our desire to serve, before we are sent back out into the world.   


 We are fully accessible, with an elevator, hearing assist, and large print bulletins and hymnals.