Roche de Boeuf Winners 

OSU Helmet - Terry Bragg

Woodson Michigan Print - Sandy Martin

Toledo Zoo Membership - Teena Gedert

Red Robin Dinner and Movies - Barb Watson

Levis Commons Gift Cards - Jean Papp

Waterville/Whitehouse Restaurants - Nolan Johnson

Dog Products Basket - Cheryl Pickens

Skin Savvy Salon Package - Kathleen Metzger

Wine Tasting - Chery

Antique Clock and Candles - Shirley Cofer

Myerholtz Painting - Brian Bopp

Rocking Horse - Marie Plotts

David Fairclough Jeweler Gift Certificate - Bret Hill

Christmas Tree and Mums - Julie Livingston


Carousel - Lily Johnson


Cinderella at the Stranahan - Gloria Box


Carruth Sculpture - Stan Lepiarz


Clown Puppet - Logan Livingston

Antique Chair - Phil Warrick