Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

The Gottschalk family recently approached Pastor Karen about ways they could be involved in mission and service since their schedules kept them from being able to participate in the mission work with the homeless. They had mentioned having lots of used sports equipment and were wondering if there was a way that could be shared. Two days later, when Pastor Karen was meeting with the pastor of the Maumee congregation, he mentioned they were headed to the Dominican Republic and he would love to take sports equipment with him. Chip generated a proposal for session approval, and is volunteering to take responsibility for collecting equipment from his sports contacts and preparing it for delivery to the Dominican Republic.

He writes:

“I was hoping you could help me with a project. I am asking that you check your basements, attics, and garages for used or old baseball equipment. I am collecting these things to send with the Maumee Presbyterian Church on their mission trip to the Dominican Republic. All items would need to be in to our church by Sunday, July 3rd. I realize this is short notice and a big request, but it’s something we are good at. Please help me. Bring all used, loved or old baseball equipment to church this Sunday, July 3rd.”

Session has blessed this collection. Church members, if you know of anyone who would want to donate equipment, please let them know about this collection. And pray for them as they undertake this effort.

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