Baptismal Symbolism

Jo talks about how the dedication of our baptismal font brought home to her the power of the baptismal promise that we are not defined by our worst moments. Hear Jo:

"Knowing that all my shortcomings and failings will be forgiven if I am truly repentant is a tremendous gift. Sometimes I am so overcome by all the things that I do or don't do that would be pleasing to God that I can hardly believe He can ever find anything redeemable enough in me to love.

When we each dipped our hands in the water in the font and I touched the water to my heart it just felt like an incredible blessing. I think the beauty and symbolism of dying in sin and being cleansed in the rebirth of baptism is what moved me so very much. Knowing that each day is an opportunity to renew myself is the most amazing promise any human can ever hope to have.

LouAnn's and Dave's gift and the story of how they came to make this lovely font was also moving for me." (See Dave's earlier post on the font.)

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