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Tutoring was a completely different experience than I had imagined it being heading into my first day. This was my first time teaching/aiding a child and it really had a powerful impact on my view of education and its importance. On the outside looking in, trying to teach a child didn't seem too difficult, but with actually doing it, I realized a lot of patience was required. I went into tutoring the first day with the mindset of making a connection with the young boy I would be tutoring and that was exactly what happened. Seeing his reading comprehension grow as the weeks went by was truly inspiring to me. It was unbelievable what only one hour a week could accomplish if we both worked together. My biggest joy by far was the look on Hayden's face when he answered all the questions right on his worksheet or his excitement after analyzing a story in detail after reading. My biggest challenge however was keeping him focused on the days he wasn't completely there.

I looked forward to helping him every week because it was such a wonderful experience. The environment of the program was awesome. Every kid was focused on their work and Hayden and the other kids knew exactly where "their" spot was when they came in. This just created a happy and secure atmosphere. I would encourage potential tutors to tutor because of the experience. I advise that they do not give up on their child after an unsuccessful time because there will be those days and it just takes some time to get a routine set with them. Everything does eventually run smoothly! The tutoring program was absolutely amazing this year and I know it will only continue growing and I cannot wait for next year!! Thank you so much for everything! I learned just as much as Hayden did!

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