It is elusive, defining this love thing. For me, it's more like an overall feeling, an aura. It's something that makes me feel good, all warm inside, when I consider my fellow man. I tend to see beauty around me, rather than just objects or people. I feel opportunity, and then a desire to engage someone in a complimentary way, to support and encourage them, to brighten their day. Rather than instinctively strike out with attacks and verbal slanders when someone or some action is mentioned, I now often find myself looking for explanations of negative behavior, reaching out, trying to empathize, and finally finding love in my heart for the other person.

This attitude is quite an accomplishment for me; it was not always my way. I've spent pretty much my entire life in a church environment. Back then being religious meant being "good", doing the "right" thing. That didn't necessarily mean loving others. On the contrary, it usually meant chastising them for not being "good" enough. I never before thought of God caring about me personally, individually, about LOVING me. I never saw the significant element of God being love.

Something inside me has changed. I am convinced it is God showing me how to live, how to love, and how significant love is to life, and to living. I am certain this realization is because of the very positive influence of Karen’s sermons that constantly re-focus my thinking toward the idea that God loves us and wants us to love in return.

And I need that, because it is easy to forget to love. Now it is easier than ever to bring by mind and my heart back to love. Without love, life would be so drab, so grey, so boring, so without meaning. I wish we all could give it a chance!

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