Sustainers Pledge Campaign

One of the reasons we exist is to show compassion in  the community.  We are called to help people thrive, particularly when they are vulnerable.  It's one of the reasons we are a driving force behind the The Anthony Wayne Community Food Ministry.  Our volunteers help feed hundreds of families who are struggling because of disabilities, limited incomes, temporary unemployment and other challenges.


We also have a real passion for children.  The Evolving Minds Youth Program, located in the building, tutors children for free.  In addition, this year we are offering low-cost support for children who struggle with issues like anxiety or inability to focus.  We also host meetings and events for AWAKE - which advocates for the well-being of children.

Nurturing creativity is part of our spiritual call, and it's fun.  We have hosted local arts groups like the Summer Stock Theater, 3B, the Anthony Wayne Thespians, and a summer art camp for children.​

We also reach out with comfort, care and counsel for individuals in times of crisis.

To do this work we need to broaden our base of support.  We're inviting people who would like to support these and other programs to partner with us as sustaining givers.  We're looking for people who might consider a monthly commitment to our 2019 fund drive.  A suggested amount is $20 a month, but any and all gifts are appreciated.

If you would like more information or have questions about the church or the pledge drive, please call (419) 878-2806.  Below is a link to a Sustainer Pledge form.  You can fill it out and click submit and it will submit your pledge confidentially.